Want to edit your photo? Now you can and you do not need to spend or pay a lot of money for your photo to be edited. With the technology and ways like photo editing can be done by your own even at you own comfort of your home or even anywhere as long you have your laptop, computer or netbook and an internet connection just in case you want to upload your photos to all the different social media sites to share it with your family, friends and love ones.

Photo editor is an app that can help you in editing your photos. This app is easy to use and even if you are new in editing a photo this will be easy for you to study, understand and to used. The operations or controls used here are basic. Aside for the basic operations to edit the image there are other more features this app offers.
With all these features that we offer in editing photo it will help you to make you more creative and show your own style on how you want the photo to look like. If you have a doubt in yourself doing it on your own think twice or more because believe in you that you can and this is not complicated. Practice also helps you to master in editing photos.

To start one should learn the features to encounter. The basic commands or operation that will be used are the crop, rotate, resize, round, color and merge. Aside from these that you can used is text, drawing, filters, shapes and stickers.

So let get to know more about these features. When you say crop it is removing of an outer part of the photo that you want to remove. From the word rotate this command is to rotate the photo. Resize is to be able to adjust the size. Round is to have a round the corner of the photo. The color will change the background canvas. When you want to merge all the objects or layers used merge.

In adding personal touch to the photos used text to add some words, the drawing command is for you to draw in the photo, different filters can be choose on how your photos want to look like aside from the original state, shapes can be added in it and also same goes to stickers.