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Photos are a great tool to preserve a memory that you want to store or remember. It is a great way to share to your love ones what is happening to you. And with now technology and gadget it is much easier to take photos and let others see it in an instant even they are at the other side of the world especially with the great invention of cell phones.

Taking photos is like already a routine when you go to a certain place, do something may it be extreme or a simple one, things that you want to share to others or even like bragging it to show them. With cell phones it easily to share these different types of photos because almost everybody has a social media likes the twitter, facebook, instagram and many more. It is so great to have this social media sites because after taking a shot you can upload it immediately and other not only can see it but also can comment on it.

To make the photo more interesting there are different ways to make it one and stylish like as if making it more like you or that can describe who you, like you can express yourself. With an app that can help you edit photo it can make it more interesting and creative.

Isn’t it great that now you can say what you want to say or express in the photo by adding a text. Text where you can put a subject or topic on it, like for example adding the name of the place you are in, the date, who are you with and other more that you want to add. An option is also available when you add text by choosing the type of font and style of it.

Aside from text and style that you can in the photo another option that can be added in a photo is adding stickers. Not literally where you need to stick an actual sticker but the stickers that are provided in the photo editor app. It make the photo look cute and can add life on it. Aside from this shapes, add drawing and other more tools is also available for you to use.

So start editing your photo by adding text, stickers and other more and then share it to others.

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