Importance of cropping

Have you heard of the term crop or cropping? Not those plants that are cultivated or grown for a purpose. What I mean when I say crop is in line with photo or most specifically when editing a photo.

If you are not familiar with crop let me say a bit about it. This is the most familiar and common tool used and important tool in a photo editing. It is a way to remove or edit the outer part of a photo especially those part that are unwanted. Also to highlight and get the part of photo that you want to highlight or more focus with.
I know not all photos need cropping only just a few or some only.

There are different reasons why crop is needed in a photo or why it is needed to be used. One is to improve composition of the photo, zoom in, focuses on the image in the photo, changing orientation, removing objects or element that is distracting, aspect ratio change and being creative with the photo.

Cropping is a great tool because this is used more special when there are unwanted objects or things at the background and instead of deleting the photo all you need is to crop the image that you want to focus. Why waste a great photo moment if you can remove the unwanted scene at the side by cropping.

But always remember that before you start to crop a photo or any photo editing that you will do always have a copy of the original photo. The reason for this is because there are some photo editing app has an auto save where in it automatically save your last move or edited. You think this is a good thing but think again because what if you make some mistake at least if you have the original photo save you can do it again and start on how you want it to look. If you do not save the original one you surely be sorry and it will be to late because the edited photo cannot be redo or undone once it is auto save.

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